CASTLE HILL, Newton-le-Willows

Castle Hill - Sketch from the title page of the leaflet describing the excavations

1980′s Archaeological Excavations. The text for this post is transcribed from two pamphlets that where produced at the time of the 1980s digs at Castle Hill, to aid public understanding of the work that was being carried out by the archaeologists from Liverpool. Pamphlet #1 Having received permission from the Department of the Environment to… Read More

The Vulcan Works – Making the Lion roar again

The Restoration of Lion

During the early part of 1979, Ruston Diesels Limited, the Company then occupying the historic Vulcan Foundry site, agreed to restore the locomotive Lion which had been a static exhibit for many years in the Transport Gallery of Liverpool Museum. This was to provide project work for apprentices and graduate trainees, and to enable Lion… Read More

Digging into the roots of history

David Freke and his team

I recently purchased a number of the Burtonwood Brewery in-house ‘Top Hat’ magazines from the 1980s, in one of them was this article concerning the excavation of the Southworth Burial Mound which is between Winwick and Lowton. Digging into the roots of history Remnants of a long-lost civilisation have been unearthed from plough-blade depth on… Read More

Earlestown War memorial – unveiled by Lord Newton.

Earlestown, War Memorial

On Saturday afternoon, at Earlestown, Lord Newton unveiled a memorial of the South African war, which has been erected outside the Town Hall in honour of fifty men of Newton-in-Makerfield who volunteered for service in that historic struggle. The cost of the monument, about £360, is defrayed out of the local fund started in 1899… Read More

Castle Hill by the Rev. Edmund Sibson

The following account was written in 1843 by the Rev. Edmund Sibson, once Curate at Winwick, and after- wards Vicar of St. Thomass, Ashton-in-Makerfield, and is entitled “An Account of the Opening of an Ancient Barrow called Castle Hill, near Newton-in-Makerfield, in the County of Lancaster” This Photo of Castle Hill is from the 1916,… Read More

Antiquarian notes on our Neighbourhood

Castle Hill

Historical and antiquarian notes on Warrington and its Neighbourhood By John Babson, Esq. The object of the present communication will be to combine as well as I can the evidence from historical records, local traditions, and existing remains, so that each may throw light upon the other, and afford something like a continuous history of… Read More

Everton V Earlestown

Here are a few more facts about Earlestown FC 1899-00 Joined Lancashire League 1903 Lancashire League closed down 1903-04 Joined Lancashire Combination as founder members of new Division 2 Lancashire Combination Division Two runner-up Promoted to Division One 1906 Relegated to Division Two 1906-07 Lancashire Combination Division Two runner-up Promoted to Division One SEASON LEAGUE… Read More

Newton Cricket, Bowling, and Tennis Club

On the April 13th, 1858, a meeting was held in the Assembly-room, High-street, Newton-le-Willows, for the formation of a cricket club, W. Mercer, Esq., in the chair. A sum of upwards of £50 was announced as subscribed in the room. Officers were there-upon appointed, with W. J. Leah, Esq., as patron ; W. Mercer, Esq.,… Read More

AirCrash – Supermarine Attacker – 05/02/1953

Supermarine Attacker FB.1 WA535 – 05/02/1953 On Thursday 5 th February 1953 Mr Roy Edwin Collingwood (all commissioned Pilots were known as Mr) took off from Royal Naval Air Station Stretton ? ?HMS Blackcap? near Warrington in Supermarine Attacker FB.1, No WA535 on what was to be his 3 rd ?Famil? (Familiarisation) flight at 15:30… Read More

The Liverpool & Manchester Railway

The Cotton Trade In the latter part of the eighteenth century, the area surrounding the port of Liverpool and the growing town of Manchester was rapidly expanding. The American colonies had played a large part in promoting Liverpool as the port of import, and Manchester as the finishing centre for their cotton. Liverpool also dealt… Read More

South Lancashire Conservative Association

The South Lancashire Conservative Association has scarcely been founded three years, and yet during that short period it has enrolled as members all the talent, wealth, and influence of that portion of the palatinate from whence it takes its name. To perpetuate the society a building for the accommodation of its members has been erected… Read More

St Peter’s Mission & All Saints Church, Crow Lane

To the Members of the Church of England dwelling at the Earlestown end of the Parish of St. Peter, Newton-in-Makerfield. DEAR FRIENDS, For your benefit we propose to hold. during the coming Winter and Spring, in the large room of the Mill Residence in Fairclough Street, to be entered from the Mill Yard by a… Read More

McCORQUODALE & CO. LTD. 1846-1937

THE following appeared in a newspaper published in 1846: “The capacious building at Newton, on the north side of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, known until recently as the “Legh Arms Hotel” is being converted into a general printing office.” A printing office in a village like Newton, however humble in pretension, a year ago… Read More